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How It Works

 How does an E-Cig work?

EGO Vapor’s E-cigarettes provide a realistic smoking experience with the same satisfying sensations of your favorite tobacco products. Our E-cigarettes look, feel, and handle very much the same as traditional cigarettes but without having to burn anything! Rather than lighting a match or a lighter, all you have to do is take a puff or two and a battery operated vaporizer is instantaneously activated, giving you that flavorful nicotine vapor that has become oh so popular!


All EGO products have the same simple makeup:


1)      The body or larger portion of an EGO Vapor E-cigarette contains a lithium-ion battery and an electronic airflow sensor. The sensor detects when you are puffing so that it can activate the nicotine vaporization and turn it off when you stop. It also activates an LED bulb at the E-Cig tip so that it glows like a real cigarette would.

2)       The smaller portion is known as the cartomizer. It resembles the filter of a traditional cigarette and contains both the atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the solution in the cartridge when activated by inhaling. The cartridge is a capsule containing the nicotine solution and flavor.



 Note: When the tip of the E-Cig begins to blink it is out of battery life. For rechargeables, batteries can be recharged using one of our e-cig USB chargers (with or without a wall adapter).


          No Smoke, No Judgement!